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Our mission at The McKay Method® School of Energy Healing is to create more awareness of energy patterns and dynamics and how they relate to our spiritual, psychological, emotional, and physical health; to enhance people’s lives through this awareness; and to train people to use intuitive energy healing techniques as a modality in itself or as an adjunct to other types of bodywork/healing practices.

The educational philosophy is to make this knowledge accessible to all, from the beginner to practicing professionals, through a graduated series of classes that serve each student’s level of interest and experience. The introductory classes introduce the concepts and basic techniques of intuitive energy healing relevant to all students; the advanced classes deepen the student’s experience, understanding, and capabilities with the healing techniques, which can easily be integrated into an existing therapeutic or alternative practice.

Click below to learn more about each level of the curriculum:

Foundation Level Studies

Advanced Level Studies

Graduate Level Studies

Areas of Study

  • Hands-on-Healing Techniques
  • Intuitive Sense Perception
  • Character Structure
  • Boundaries
  • Chakra Communication
  • Tracking Energy Flow
  • Grounding
  • Chelation
  • Modulating Energy
  • Sensing the Aura
  • Contacting Guidance
  • Chakra Psychology
  • Chakra Energetics
  • Hara Alignment
  • Energy Blocks

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