"Jumpstart Your Energy Healing Skills" Online Course - Summertime Special!

How’s your summer shaping up? It always goes so fast… were you thinking you might finally get around to that thing you’ve been wanting to do, but life gets in the way?

Funny thing about time, and opportunity, and letting things arrive versus chasing them down. I truly believe all timing is divine, even though I often have my own ideas about how and when things should happen. Afterwards, I see the wisdom in what actually happened.

You clicked on the button to learn more about energy healing classes - so there is some interest, intentionality, or maybe just curiosity there…

I’ve had some people ask recently if I have any current ongoing classes available. Right now. So I have created a special format for this summer only (regular classes start again in the fall.)

In these conversations, I was reminded of a time when I wanted to learn energy healing, but I couldn’t move forward in the way I wanted to.

I had 2 small children (one was 9 months old) and I was getting divorced. It was a moment of big transition for me, and so much was uncertain. The only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to become an energy healer!

It was one day at a time, and I literally didn't know where I would be living or what my financial situation would be in the future. Eventually I planned to get into a comprehensive energy healing program, but it wasn’t possible. I was eager to get going, so I took some short classes while I waited for my life to settle down a bit more.

During that year I learned enough to get started on my path. It also helped me to find the right kind of training - and teacher - when I was ready for that deeper dive.

So are you -

• Called to do healing, but are uncertain how that looks for you?
• Wondering where to start? Need a flexible, relaxed schedule?
• Doing spiritual and mindfulness practices, but want more?

Are any of those a YES? 
Then you’re ready for some hands-on-healing
techniques and guidance!


I have never offered this before… but I had some people asking for a class right now who couldn’t attend my 4-day class in San Francisco. So I’m opening a limited number of spots for my online course plus three personal one-on-one coaching sessions (normally student sessions are $280/hr) with me! Usually this class is paired with group coaching calls; this is your chance to get individual coaching. And since I want some flexibility this summer too, you’ll schedule your personal coaching sessions directly with me.

Spend just an hour a week (or go faster) to begin doing healing work! You will need someone to practice on for some of the exercises. They don’t need to know or believe anything, but they will be happy they volunteered once they experience the magic!

"Jumpstart Your
Energy Healing Skills" Online Course

What’s the "Jumpstart Online" Course?

It’s a three-module course that will get you started sensing energy - of the auric field, chakras, your Hara line and in the body! You’ll learn how to increase energy flow and release blockages. We’ll explore how and why energy healing works, so you can put the models and techniques we use into a practical context. Finally, you’ll do a step-by-step technique for complete head-to-toe, full body healing!

Module One

Cultivate your Sixth Sense

After you prepare yourself to receive energetic information, you’ill manipulate energy flow with your hands and sense energy inside the body. Along the way we’ll use a grounding technique to access the Being state - important to do before hands-on sensing and other intuitive work.
(3 exercises, 5 downloads, 4 videos)

Module Two

Start Hands-On Healing

Now that you have felt energy using your hands, you’ll be able to identify and release muscular blocks (massage therapists, this will make your job easier!) Learn a technique to sense and clear the aura (feels sooo good) Find out how energy healing works and its relationship to our physical bodies.
(3 exercises, 4 downloads, 4 videos)

Module Three

The Full Body Healing

We add in the chakras, so you can put together all you’ve learned and do a complete head-to-toe healing! As you sense in and balance the chakra system, you’ll notice some differences in the chakra "baseline". We explore the relationship between models, techniques and sensing.
(3 exercises, 5 downloads, 4 videos)

And as a bonus - my book “Your Energy Signature”!


Find out about the unconscious energy patterns that drive us! Understand how Energy Signatures impact our behavior, personality, defensive hot buttons, interpersonal dynamics, and physical health! Working with this model can improve our lives and all our relationships.

“I was amazed by how quickly I could sense energy. I am still growing my toolkit to be the best healer I can for those whose paths I cross but the energy training I received from Bear is at the root and center of it all.”

Tara Gale

Only for the
Summer Special -
Personal Coaching!


We'll discuss your experiences with the exercises and what you're noticing (or not) as you practice. I'll give you personal feedback and tips as you go along.

I'll help you refine your understanding of the concepts and techniques, and how they relate to hands-on healing work.

There are also reflection questions for each module; you have the option to provide written answers. I will review and respond to those to start our conversation.

In our time together we can delve into the fascinating world of Energy Signatures - yours, and maybe even other people you're curious about!

I love engaging with my students. I look forward to finding out more
about you, and your interest in energy healing.

“I would encounter people who were able to do energy work and it made me curious. I began to understand how it works in a more tangible way. Bear has a way of translating the nebulous into something a novice could not only
understand, but do!”

Joe Lynch

100% Happiness Guarantee

We want to offer courses that create results. If for any reason you are not thrilled with the content of the Jumpstart Online course, send an email within 30 days to [email protected] to receive a refund.


"Jumpstart Online" course enrollment ends July 10th.



(Regularly priced at $497)

  • Immediate access to all 3 modules
  • Three one-on-one coaching calls
  • "Your Energy Signature" e-book
  • Do the course and personal coaching
    on your own schedule



(Regularly priced at $1,297)

  • Immediate access to all 3 modules
  • Three one-on-one coaching calls
  • "Your Energy Signature" e-book
  • Do the course and personal coaching
    on your own schedule