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How to Love the Earth

Apr 26, 2022

Dear Fellow Evolutionaries,

When walking a labyrinth years ago, I was moved to ask – “What can I do for the earth?” I had occasionally worked with earth energies, fire and weather, but not in a consistent way. Here was the message I got:

“If you want to help the earth, keep working with those people!!!
In that spirit of interconnectedness with all that is –

Are You Ready to Jumpstart Your Energy Healing Practice?

I Invite you to spend four days with me at the Mercy Retreat Center in San Francisco for the first “Jumpstart Foundations” Class in 2 years!

“Jumpstart Foundations” will be unlike any other class or training you have attended. I believe it will change your life, and how you look at and interact with the world. It’s highly experiential and will challenge you on every level.

Knowing your purpose and what are your best ways to contribute changes your life. It’s a blessing when your pursuits are in alignment with your spiritual path.

Yes, you can learn to how to heal!

I know this because every one of my students has used these same healing techniques to make a difference in their life and for others - including the earth, plant beings, animals… however you are inspired and motivated to serve!

You don’t have to be “special” or intuitive or have any experience before this class.

However - this is going to require effort on your part - during and after class. It’s an intense 4 days, but I guarantee you will be able to do a complete head-to-toe healing for your clients, family and friends by the end of our time together!

This is not for dilettantes, or people just looking for an exciting experience; I want students who are serious. Have you decided this is the time to step up your game and live more fully?

If you start using what you’ve learned in class, come on our calls, and continue to practice you will refine your skills; and along with my expert guidance, be doing some amazing healing!

My students are healthcare professionals who want to add value to their practice, people who want to become energy healers, and people with other “day” jobs that want to incorporate more meaningful activity into their lives. Whatever or whoever you are called to focus on, know that everything we do affects the whole - all sentient beings, and every living thing.

During our time together, you will learn energy healing techniques that you can use right away in your current (or future?) healing practice; for clients, and those dear to you. The people you treat will feel immediate, significant, and tangible results from your work.

And for those of you who have been engaged with me for a more spiritual perspective on life and current events - be the first to see my webinar debut!

You’ll not only get a better understanding of my approach to energy work, you’ll be introduced to three exercises to get started on your journey. Is it time to step out of your comfort zone and go deep?

The opportunity to join – and receive all the great bonuses I have in store for this class only – will end soon! Some people have already reserved their “seat”, and next week this special opens up to the general public. Grab your spot now – I can only accomodate a select few in this most intimate class setting.

Don’t have time to watch the webinar right now? The first step toward enrollment is a consult with me. This will get you to my schedule -

I have been practicing and teaching energy healing for over 20 years. I am grateful for the skills that enable me to continually evolve, and live my best life. I still love what I do, every single day!

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