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Empaths and Energy Signatures

Jun 23, 2022

Are you an empath? A lot of people are relating to that term these days. Empaths sense other people’s emotions and feelings. Did you know there are three kinds of empaths, according to what their Energy Signature is?

The Priest, Lover and Gardener are all different energy types that have empathic qualities. The specific way they sense other people’s “stuff” depends on what types are in their Energy Signature. How the three kinds of empaths engage with people is ultimately about a difference in boundaries. They might energetically take on, tune in, or flow with others. 

Gardeners are what people think of as the classic empath. They feel others' pain, both emotionally and physically. They can literally take on the pain of another! People will sense this unconsciously and make a beeline for the Gardener in the room - then proceed to dump all their troubles and burdens on them.

Gardeners have accommodating boundaries. They try to anticipate other people’s needs and will volunteer without being asked! Helping others at the expense of their own self-care leads to burnout. Learning how NOT to take on energy that isn't theirs and releasing extra baggage is the challenge. Once they bring their boundary into balance and take care of themselves first, their truly big, generous heart is free.

Lovers are very attuned to the feelings and sensations of others. Extremely sensitive to the emotional temperature of an individual or a group, they respond with consideration and sympathy. They can identify and resonate with whatever is happening and are attentive in a very personal way. Their internal sensing and awareness is also heightened. 

Lovers have enmeshed boundaries; they can mirror and fully be in an experience with another. Not knowing where they end and the other begins, they can lose their own sense of self in the process. Often when they hear about an illness, they will immediately check themselves to see if they have it too! With a more defined  boundary, their nurturing nature can be fully expressed and reciprocated.

Priests are highly intuitive and can access a lot of “psychic” information; they seem to know others easily. They can tune in immediately and are always ready to give someone their full attention and time (even when it makes them late.) At home in the energetic and spiritual realms, they are frequently traveling between worlds.

Priests have permeable boundaries. They recognize where someone is coming from, but have a less emotional response than other empaths. Not as attached to material and physical form, they can be ungrounded. Manifesting their wonderful intentions and showing up consistently can be challenging; firmer boundary distinctions and intentionality are needed.

Remember, there are two major and one minor energy types in your Energy Signature. You may even be two types of empaths! The energy types affect not only boundaries, but many other aspects of your life. Physical health, developmental beliefs, energetic patterns around conflict, communication styles, and your chakra system “baseline” are all part of your Energy Signature patterns.

Peace, Love and Healing –


What is your Energy Signature, and is one of the empathic types part of it? To find out, take the quiz here! YOUR ENERGY SIGNATURE QUIZ

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