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Heart to Heart Chakra Communication

Nov 15, 2019

Did you know you could be more in sync, approach difficult conversations, and have a better connection with someone by practicing Chakra Communication? All it takes is a little bit of chakra knowledge and a few moments of recognition and practice in the beginning of an interaction. 

The practice is simple enough – identify the chakra they are coming from, meet them at that place, listen and say a few affirming words from that place, and then lead the conversation to a more productive arena (and have a more satisfying energetic exchange). 

Here’s an example of what that looks like:

A friend has just lost their job and is panicked. You try to reassure them that something even better will come along and it will be fine.

Friend is coming from? - 1st chakra (physical survival)  – in fear mode, worried about finances and the immediate future. 

You are coming from? - 5th chakra (bigger picture) – it’s an opportunity for positive change.

You can see that you are completely missing each other in your communication, and the players will feel more and more disconnected from each other.

The Chakra Communication practice:

  1. recognize the partner is in a 1st chakra state; 
  2. put a moment of attention on your 1st chakra (tailbone);
  3. engage from that place – “that’s scary”,  “a shocking surprise”, “who knew they were downsizing”…
  4. once they are MET and heard (and affirmed) at the 1st chakra level, you can then SHIFT to the 5th chakra (big picture) – it’s an opportunity to have work that is a better fit, more in alignment with their gifts and interests, start the business they’ve been talking about…  

That is the exercise I teach my students, but it may be a little complex for everyday use - so I’m going to tell you about a shortcut! (check out the download below)

The shortcut also works if you can’t identify what chakra they are coming from, don’t have much time for a conversation, or are not very close to the person. This is my go-to for interacting with customer service representatives, and I have gotten some special treatment as a result!

In the shortcut version, no need to recognize which chakra the person is coming from! We go straight to the heart. Here’s the practice:

  1. put a moment of attention on your heart – the organ, the chakra, or the general area – before you speak; 
  2. listen first for just a minute – it helps give you a moment to settle into your heart;
  3. speak from there…

It helps to put a moment of attention on their heart, too. Too simple you say? Simple is beautiful! Give your cynical or rushed or assuming self a break and try it.

With the holidays coming up, you will have ample opportunity to try this out! Actually it helps with all relationships, all the time…

Have fun!

  – Bear

For the complete exercise, including more sample scenarios and a chakra cheat sheet – click here.

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